Sunday, 15 June 2008

Are Fairies Real

Tiny fairies, they are so sweet
dancing around with dainty feet
With wings of silver, and sometimes gold
these fairies are so brave and bold

When they see people so large and wide
They take cover and have to hide
Magical and mystery fairies seem
Are they real or just a dream

They all live together..happy as can be
They rarely let people see
Not many people believe , i must say,
When they hear about the land of Fae

The land of Fae is a secret place
Full of wonderment, beauty and grace
The fairies fly from tree to tree
you stand in awe as you look and see

They sprinkle their magic all around
You must be quiet, and make no sound
There is Belle..Trixie..Petal and Lou
Some of the fairies , to name but a few

They all seem so busy in the land of Fae
Plenty to do as they work and play
They really are so special , you see
because they are real !! do you believe!!
c) R.Rolls