Monday, 16 June 2008

The Old Oak Tree

I was reading a book by the old oak tree
no noise around , just a buzzing bee
but every now and again i thought i could hear
little giggles and laughter, in my ear

I put my book down and looked all around
It all went quiet,, there was no sound
I thought i saw something fluttering in the tree
I think that someone is playing tricks on me

I stared at the tree for quite a long while
then i saw them, it really made me smile
Tiny fairies fluttering around the tree
It was so very clear that i could see

now i have heard of folk, different things they say
They have spoken about the secret land of FAE
the fairies sparkled as the sun it hit their wings
and i could hear clearly as the fairy sings

this for me was a very special day
sitting by the tree in the land of FAE
Now i have seen the fairies, its really made my day
I will come back tomorrow to this land of Fae
(c) R.Rolls