Friday, 23 May 2008

Walk In The Forest

Lets go for a walk in the forest
and you can expect a lovely surprise
the deeper you go in the forest
you will hardly believe your eyes

the crackle of a twig on a bright sunny day
you have entered the secret world of fae
listen carefully to the sounds you hear
singing and giggles as you get near

sit yourself down and make yourself cosy!!
see that fairy, she is making a posy!!
another fairy near, sitting on a stone
is it a stone, or could it be a throne

look yonder, and hear the fairies sing
they are so happy in their daily play
at this wonderful secret land of fae

i must have made a little sound
the fairies looked up and gathered around
i said hello, please dont be afraid
i am just looking at the lovely things you have made

i took a look closer and i could tell
it was my little friend, whos name was Belle
Belle whispered to the fairy sitting on the throne
when i was lost ...she brought me home
they all cheered and started to dance around
what a wonderful magical place i have found

they welcomed me in to their fairy fold
and this is the secret that i was told

not every one who walks our way
can see us at our daily play
i must be special, they all said to me
its because i believe in fairies...i am able to see