Monday, 16 June 2008

Fairies At The Well

Oh little fairies,what pleasure you give to me
you live in my garden where I can often see

I know you often catch me watching you at play
in part of my garden,but not the land of Fae

you have a secret place,where you fairies dwell
Its at the end of the garden ,by my wishing well

you gather up the petals,left laying on the ground
and make all your clothes from what you have found

You always seem so happy,when you dance and sing
And when I look closer,I can see your fairy ring

People often laugh at me,I am sure they think I am mad
But if you dont believe in fairies,....well its just so sad

To have a little fantasy,It gets you through the day
To believe in fairies,that live in the land of Fae

(c) R.Rolls