Monday, 16 June 2008

The Lonely Elf

There..There..There..the poor little Elf
Sitting all alone, left on the shelf

toys were all a plenty, but not any more
As i gaze round the room,and see the empty floor

with computers and play stations taking my place
So i sit here and look on, with a glum face

A remote control car i see going by
I am so sad now....oh i want to cry

The children no longer play with me
I am not exciting enough you see

I used to be in the play room, with all the other toys
and i was hugged daily by all the girls and boys

I miss my daily hug , i no longer have a cuddle
I dont know what happened , for me to be in this muddle

I know the times are changing,i have been put to one side
and hope you dont mind listening while i confide

Oh we were all so happy in our daily play
but very sad it is to say that its all gone away

so i suppose i will carry on sitting here all by myself
but why did it have to be me...left sitting on the shelf

but wait...Rita has come in , looking all around
and a smile came on her face, with the little Elf she found

oh this is wonderful, i wont be left alone
she put me in her pocket, and is going to take me home

The Elf

(c) R.Rolls

Fairies At The Well

Oh little fairies,what pleasure you give to me
you live in my garden where I can often see

I know you often catch me watching you at play
in part of my garden,but not the land of Fae

you have a secret place,where you fairies dwell
Its at the end of the garden ,by my wishing well

you gather up the petals,left laying on the ground
and make all your clothes from what you have found

You always seem so happy,when you dance and sing
And when I look closer,I can see your fairy ring

People often laugh at me,I am sure they think I am mad
But if you dont believe in fairies,....well its just so sad

To have a little fantasy,It gets you through the day
To believe in fairies,that live in the land of Fae

(c) R.Rolls

Tiny Fairy

My name is Belle I come from fairyland
I am a tiny fairy and I can sit inside your hand

I fly around the branches flitting from tree to tree
and sometimes I get chased by the birds and bees

some people can not see me, because I am so small
but when I look at humans.... Oh my they are so tall

I live with all my Fairy friends, we play all the time
I gather up the flowers to make rose petal wine

we really are all happy, we dance a lot and sing
and hold hands in a circle to make our fairy ring

our clothes are made from flowers, we collect every day
there is plenty of things to do , in our land of fae

well I really must get going,I have to do my chores
back in Fairyland, I have to sweep the floors

(c) R.Rolls

The Old Oak Tree

I was reading a book by the old oak tree
no noise around , just a buzzing bee
but every now and again i thought i could hear
little giggles and laughter, in my ear

I put my book down and looked all around
It all went quiet,, there was no sound
I thought i saw something fluttering in the tree
I think that someone is playing tricks on me

I stared at the tree for quite a long while
then i saw them, it really made me smile
Tiny fairies fluttering around the tree
It was so very clear that i could see

now i have heard of folk, different things they say
They have spoken about the secret land of FAE
the fairies sparkled as the sun it hit their wings
and i could hear clearly as the fairy sings

this for me was a very special day
sitting by the tree in the land of FAE
Now i have seen the fairies, its really made my day
I will come back tomorrow to this land of Fae
(c) R.Rolls

Fairy Dance

The fairies are getting ready for their ball
but nothing in my closset to wear at all
I have nothing to a glance
I need a new frock for the fairy dance

The fairies get together for this special day
the dance is always in the middle of May
every one is so busy , at this special time
Lillianna is busy making the fairy wine

So off to the forest i must pop
and visit the special fairy shop
Belle collects the petals for the dress
takes them home to sew and press

Sue makes a lot of rustling sound
as she gathers the leaves from the ground
A great time is had by all
at our special fairy Ball

Music and dancing the Fairies all sing
and dance around their Fairy ring
It is really their special day
The fairy dance at the land of Fae

(c) R.Rolls

Fairies At The Stream

The Fairies dangle their feet in the stream
They keep themselves nice and clean
They are having a bit of a lazy day
The water is warm in the month of May
Come on in and join us they shouted to me
We can see you, sitting there behind that tree
we know you visit us every day
you found our secret land of FAE
So slowly i walked over to the stream
I was in awe.... its like a dream
I will stay here and watch you for a while
you make me happy,you make me smile
and I am glad that i did find the way,
to your secret world, in the land of FAE

(c) R.Rolls

Fairy Dream

I had a dream last night, and i could clearly see
This beautiful little fairy came to visit me
She had golden locks upon her head
i could see her sitting on my bed

she was singing happily,the tune i could not say
it was obviously a fairy song from the land of fae
she had rosy cheeks, what a pretty face
she was dressed in pink satin and white lace

I lay here and look at her, i really am in awe
I look around the room,in hope i see some more
should i try and touch her, she might go away
and vanish into thin air ,to the land of fae
oh i do love fairies,magical and mystery they seem
was the fairy real, or was it just a dream

(c) R.Rolls

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Are Fairies Real

Tiny fairies, they are so sweet
dancing around with dainty feet
With wings of silver, and sometimes gold
these fairies are so brave and bold

When they see people so large and wide
They take cover and have to hide
Magical and mystery fairies seem
Are they real or just a dream

They all live together..happy as can be
They rarely let people see
Not many people believe , i must say,
When they hear about the land of Fae

The land of Fae is a secret place
Full of wonderment, beauty and grace
The fairies fly from tree to tree
you stand in awe as you look and see

They sprinkle their magic all around
You must be quiet, and make no sound
There is Belle..Trixie..Petal and Lou
Some of the fairies , to name but a few

They all seem so busy in the land of Fae
Plenty to do as they work and play
They really are so special , you see
because they are real !! do you believe!!
c) R.Rolls