Friday, 23 May 2008

The Naughty Fairy

There once lived a fairy, Daisy was her name
and all she ever wanted was money jewels and fame

what a lazy fairy she was.. she never did anything
the other fairies despaired with her when dancing in their ring

They all had their chores to do each and every day
but all Daisy ever did was get up go out and play

off she would go on her own skipping along the way
going further in the forest away from the land of Fae

she really was naughty ,and never did what she was told
but deep down the fairies knew she had a heart of gold

she thought she was being pariticular day
she skipped along so far,and completely lost her way

Now Daisy was so frightened and she began to cry
I shouldnt have gone so far,and now i am lost ! oh my !

Daisy was unhappy.. when this little girl came by
she stopped as she got near she could hear someone cry

she found the little fairy and held her so she could see
she really was excited because she always did believe

hey little one dont cry.. why are you so sad
I am a naughty fairy and i have been really bad

I have walked to far, and now i am lost
the other fairies are going to be really cross

The little girl said ,come on lets go this way
and tell me when you see the land of Fae

as they got nearer to the big old oak tree
Daisy got excited because she could see

the magic being sprinkled as she looked all around
so the little girl gently placed her on the ground

Daisy gave a little wave as she went along her way
the panic was now over she was in the land of Fae

The fairies were so busy when they see Daisy getting near
she is back they all shouted ,then they gave a cheer

I wont go off again she said,i promise you this day
i will stay and do my chores with you in our land of Fae
(c) R.Rolls

Artwork, by Josephine