Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I am nearly deaf and going blind
But the worse thing to loose, is my mind

I hear noises but no one else can
But I am still a person, I am still a man

I wander the streets at night, so I am told
I am the grand old age of 92 years old

I get mixed up and confused all the time
I think I am going out of my mind

The worse thing in life is when the memory goes
Where its gone to no one knows

Day or night, its all the same to me
Because I am in my own little world you see.

I have had my doubts and many fears
And yes I have shed plenty of tears
I have prayed to god to make it right
And hope dad will sleep right through the night
He is a good dad, one of the best
I know one day his mind will be at rest.

(C) R. Rolls

My last Poem i wrote for my dad
My dad passed away on 1.7.2006
Age 95

I was your carer, i did my best
you are in no more pain,you are at rest
you made me laugh,you made me sad
I cared for you because you were my dad
One day when your confusion it got really bad
you introduced Rita and Alf as your mum and dad
I just changed hats every day,
i never knew who i was going to be
you called me your mum or your sister Rose,
but very rarely me
Oh and at times you were a pain in the bum
be happy now dad you are there with mum
dad you are not suffering any more
God came and took you through his door
He left you here for 95 years
I will try and be strong and shed no tears
You were a good dad i shall really miss
God bless night night, my one last kiss

God Bless


(c) R.Rolls

Guard him dear Jesus

Don,t leave him alone

Care for him in heaven

As we did at home