Wednesday, 2 July 2008

My Angel

Did i see an angel,
while in my bed last night
Her body was all glowing,
she wore a robe of white

She put her arms around me,
and gave me an embrace
I felt her very close to me,
her breath upon my face

She said i am always with you,
difficult times i will help you through
I am your guardian angel,
i am here to give help to you

You must never be afraid,
when you feel me near
I have come to comfort you,
to try and give you cheer

You are very sad at the moment,
dealing with your loss
So i am here to help you,
i was sent here by my boss

He looks down upon you,
from high up above
He sends his thoughts down to
you his warm and tender love

So lay your head back on your pillow,
just like little bo peep
I will gently stroke your brow,
until you fall asleep



Pattie said...

Another beautiful poem Rita !
and another talented lady haha,thanks for my blog comment !
Luv Pattie

June Michelle said...

Hi Rita, how are you ? I have missed you my friend and just found your blog so will link it to my own when i get chance to sort out my blog :)
Hugs June xxxx