Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Four Little Girls

Four little girls ,they went out to play
It was a bright warm summers day
There was Pattie Joannie Holly and Rita
four little girls that could not be sweeter

Skipping and running and larking about
when all of a sudden they heard Holly shout
she screamed and screamed ,we held our ears
Poor Holly was crying ,she was full of tears

I was climbing high up in that tree
and all of a sudden i got stung by a bee
Joannie said! stop your sniveling for goodness sake
Holly what a lot of fuss you do make

Pattie said shh she is in real pain
Rita said yeah but she is always the same
when ever we come out here to play
she always manages to spoil our day

Holly was feeling glum and sad
she was begining to feel really bad
i dont know why you are moaning at me
It was not my fault i got stung by a bee

they started to make there way back home
Holly lagged behind,moan moan moan
when out of the blue a fairy came by
she said Holly is that you i heard cry

she said i am fairy healer of the land
and waved her wand over Holly,s hand
Pattie Joannie and Rita had a look
the fairy took them all to fairies Nook

Holly she smiled once again.
thrilled to bits with her new friend
All the fairies made a fuss of them
welcomed them into their fairy Den

They all played together, full of glee
all because Holly got stung by a bee

(c) R.Rolls


Pattie said...

lol like it haha