Friday, 23 May 2008

Fairies In My Garden

There are fairies in my garden,i see them every day
they awake from their sleep,and then they start to play
the giggles and the laughter,you can clearly hear
as i walk towards them...but dont get to near

and if you listen carefully,you can hear them sing,
they gather round a circle,to make their fairy ring
these magical little creatures,they really are a dream
there is one in a puddle,making herself nice and clean

as a child i often wondered how would i feel
if i ever did see a fairy,in the flesh for real
their little wings they flutter,oh they look so sweet
this is a magical moment it really is a treat

I am in awe as i see them,at their daily play
I will sit here and watch them until they go away
so next time you are in your garden,be careful where you tread
you might come across a fairy,laying in her bed
(c) R. Rolls

Fairy Dust

Hey there little fairy, are you having fun
oh what a sad face , why are you so glum
I picked her up and put her on my hand
she said she comes from fairyland

and i could see she had a tear in her eye
and she said this is the reason why
we have run out of fairy dust
we have to use it ,its a must

the magic plants i must seek
to get them back by the end of the week
I said, do you know the plant you need
she said oh yes i do, it is a weed,

look she said pointing to weeds in my grass
I have found the magic plant at last
But i am only tiny, much smaller than a gnome
and i am in a dilemma of how to get it home

I will help you i said, on this sunny day
all you have to do is to show me the way
I finally got to the forest, and had to stop for a rest
The fairy was so happy, she said are the best

I was getting very excited, she was showing me the way
until she said you can stop now, we are in the land of fae
I placed her gently on the ground
and she made a sort of calling sound

I blinked my eyes and i could see
The tiny fairies gathered round me
they started to dance ,all in a ring
and then they all began to sing

Oh this is such a happy day
we are back in business in the land of fae
to do our good work without any fuss
now we can use the fairy dust


Walk In The Forest

Lets go for a walk in the forest
and you can expect a lovely surprise
the deeper you go in the forest
you will hardly believe your eyes

the crackle of a twig on a bright sunny day
you have entered the secret world of fae
listen carefully to the sounds you hear
singing and giggles as you get near

sit yourself down and make yourself cosy!!
see that fairy, she is making a posy!!
another fairy near, sitting on a stone
is it a stone, or could it be a throne

look yonder, and hear the fairies sing
they are so happy in their daily play
at this wonderful secret land of fae

i must have made a little sound
the fairies looked up and gathered around
i said hello, please dont be afraid
i am just looking at the lovely things you have made

i took a look closer and i could tell
it was my little friend, whos name was Belle
Belle whispered to the fairy sitting on the throne
when i was lost ...she brought me home
they all cheered and started to dance around
what a wonderful magical place i have found

they welcomed me in to their fairy fold
and this is the secret that i was told

not every one who walks our way
can see us at our daily play
i must be special, they all said to me
its because i believe in fairies...i am able to see


Fairy Queen

It was a very cold and windy day
here in the forest,in the land of FAE
The leaves were swirling all around
The wind nearly lifted me off the ground
All the fairies were getting really afraid
Its all blown away, the things they made
We all huddled together,wondering what we should do
The fairy queen flew in and said i have come to visit you

We were all so delighted to see her here today
and hope she can magic this bad weather away
The fairy queen looked all around,the damage she could see
So Belle put the kettle on , to make a cup of tea
The fairy queen flew off high up in the air
to sprinkle round the magic dust here and everywhere
It all went quiet,the wind stopped,its all gone away
So now we have to tidy up ,in our land of FAE

We all set about our chores,each and every one
Its not so bad now,its its quite a lot of fun
The fairy queen said i must leave you now,i have other places to go
All you fairies were lucky,some places have got snow
We all sarted to dance and we gave a little cheer
The fairy queen said byeeeeeeeee, i will see you all next year


The Naughty Fairy

There once lived a fairy, Daisy was her name
and all she ever wanted was money jewels and fame

what a lazy fairy she was.. she never did anything
the other fairies despaired with her when dancing in their ring

They all had their chores to do each and every day
but all Daisy ever did was get up go out and play

off she would go on her own skipping along the way
going further in the forest away from the land of Fae

she really was naughty ,and never did what she was told
but deep down the fairies knew she had a heart of gold

she thought she was being pariticular day
she skipped along so far,and completely lost her way

Now Daisy was so frightened and she began to cry
I shouldnt have gone so far,and now i am lost ! oh my !

Daisy was unhappy.. when this little girl came by
she stopped as she got near she could hear someone cry

she found the little fairy and held her so she could see
she really was excited because she always did believe

hey little one dont cry.. why are you so sad
I am a naughty fairy and i have been really bad

I have walked to far, and now i am lost
the other fairies are going to be really cross

The little girl said ,come on lets go this way
and tell me when you see the land of Fae

as they got nearer to the big old oak tree
Daisy got excited because she could see

the magic being sprinkled as she looked all around
so the little girl gently placed her on the ground

Daisy gave a little wave as she went along her way
the panic was now over she was in the land of Fae

The fairies were so busy when they see Daisy getting near
she is back they all shouted ,then they gave a cheer

I wont go off again she said,i promise you this day
i will stay and do my chores with you in our land of Fae
(c) R.Rolls

Artwork, by Josephine

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Fairy Tales

I walked down my garden,and guess what I found
This little fairy , laying on the ground
I picked her up and to my surprise
She stretched her arms and opened her eyes

Her little face, it was so sweet
She had just woken up from her sleep
She said " hello" my name is belle
I am a little sad.. can you tell

I got lost you see , and I am in fear
I just don't know how I got here
I live in the forest, where no one knows
With elves and pixies and garden gnomes

I was flying around to sprinkle fairy dust
When all of a sudden there was this huge gust
The wind picked up and it swirled me around
And I ended up here.. laying on the ground

Now I had to think hard and long
To get her home where she belongs
I will do my best to get you home
To the pixies and elves and garden gnome

So off we went, no time to loose
But which forest should I choose
I picked the one that was as near as can be
With Belle in my pocket, so she could see

Oh look over there, said my little friend
A little bit further, its just round the bend
So here we are home, safe at last
The elves and pixies playing in the grass

Belle was so pleased and started to sing
See over there, that's my fairy ring
I gave a smile I was so relieved
I know fairies are real " I do believe"
(c) R. Rolls