Monday, 16 June 2008

Tiny Fairy

My name is Belle I come from fairyland
I am a tiny fairy and I can sit inside your hand

I fly around the branches flitting from tree to tree
and sometimes I get chased by the birds and bees

some people can not see me, because I am so small
but when I look at humans.... Oh my they are so tall

I live with all my Fairy friends, we play all the time
I gather up the flowers to make rose petal wine

we really are all happy, we dance a lot and sing
and hold hands in a circle to make our fairy ring

our clothes are made from flowers, we collect every day
there is plenty of things to do , in our land of fae

well I really must get going,I have to do my chores
back in Fairyland, I have to sweep the floors

(c) R.Rolls