Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A Quiet Moment

I am having a quiet moment,alone with my thoughts
and at this moment i am feeling quite distraught
I spoke to you again last night
I prayed so hard with all my might
I prayed for some help with my dad
things are now getting really bad
I dont know which way to turn
the pain in my heart is starting to burn
There must be an answer you can send
before it drives me round the bend
So Lord please just send me a sign
I need to know it will all turn out fine
I have always cared for others you see
but i want a little time for me
I have done my bit..I have done my best
but i am in need of a good long rest
I am a good person from day to day
Please Lord send some help my way
I feel i am being punished ,for something i have done
because caring for my dad is not a lot of fun
Its been five years now,since my dad got ill
there is no help..there is no magic pill
my poor dad is living in a shell
and for him it must be like living in hell
If dad could know..he would not want to be like this
the dad i knew i really do miss
He does not know whats going on,his mind has gone away
So all i can really do is speak to you and pray

(c) R.Rolls