Monday, 16 June 2008

Fairy Dance

The fairies are getting ready for their ball
but nothing in my closset to wear at all
I have nothing to a glance
I need a new frock for the fairy dance

The fairies get together for this special day
the dance is always in the middle of May
every one is so busy , at this special time
Lillianna is busy making the fairy wine

So off to the forest i must pop
and visit the special fairy shop
Belle collects the petals for the dress
takes them home to sew and press

Sue makes a lot of rustling sound
as she gathers the leaves from the ground
A great time is had by all
at our special fairy Ball

Music and dancing the Fairies all sing
and dance around their Fairy ring
It is really their special day
The fairy dance at the land of Fae

(c) R.Rolls