Wednesday, 2 July 2008

My Angel

Did i see an angel,
while in my bed last night
Her body was all glowing,
she wore a robe of white

She put her arms around me,
and gave me an embrace
I felt her very close to me,
her breath upon my face

She said i am always with you,
difficult times i will help you through
I am your guardian angel,
i am here to give help to you

You must never be afraid,
when you feel me near
I have come to comfort you,
to try and give you cheer

You are very sad at the moment,
dealing with your loss
So i am here to help you,
i was sent here by my boss

He looks down upon you,
from high up above
He sends his thoughts down to
you his warm and tender love

So lay your head back on your pillow,
just like little bo peep
I will gently stroke your brow,
until you fall asleep


A Quiet Moment

I am having a quiet moment,alone with my thoughts
and at this moment i am feeling quite distraught
I spoke to you again last night
I prayed so hard with all my might
I prayed for some help with my dad
things are now getting really bad
I dont know which way to turn
the pain in my heart is starting to burn
There must be an answer you can send
before it drives me round the bend
So Lord please just send me a sign
I need to know it will all turn out fine
I have always cared for others you see
but i want a little time for me
I have done my bit..I have done my best
but i am in need of a good long rest
I am a good person from day to day
Please Lord send some help my way
I feel i am being punished ,for something i have done
because caring for my dad is not a lot of fun
Its been five years now,since my dad got ill
there is no help..there is no magic pill
my poor dad is living in a shell
and for him it must be like living in hell
If dad could know..he would not want to be like this
the dad i knew i really do miss
He does not know whats going on,his mind has gone away
So all i can really do is speak to you and pray

(c) R.Rolls


I am nearly deaf and going blind
But the worse thing to loose, is my mind

I hear noises but no one else can
But I am still a person, I am still a man

I wander the streets at night, so I am told
I am the grand old age of 92 years old

I get mixed up and confused all the time
I think I am going out of my mind

The worse thing in life is when the memory goes
Where its gone to no one knows

Day or night, its all the same to me
Because I am in my own little world you see.

I have had my doubts and many fears
And yes I have shed plenty of tears
I have prayed to god to make it right
And hope dad will sleep right through the night
He is a good dad, one of the best
I know one day his mind will be at rest.

(C) R. Rolls

My last Poem i wrote for my dad
My dad passed away on 1.7.2006
Age 95

I was your carer, i did my best
you are in no more pain,you are at rest
you made me laugh,you made me sad
I cared for you because you were my dad
One day when your confusion it got really bad
you introduced Rita and Alf as your mum and dad
I just changed hats every day,
i never knew who i was going to be
you called me your mum or your sister Rose,
but very rarely me
Oh and at times you were a pain in the bum
be happy now dad you are there with mum
dad you are not suffering any more
God came and took you through his door
He left you here for 95 years
I will try and be strong and shed no tears
You were a good dad i shall really miss
God bless night night, my one last kiss

God Bless


(c) R.Rolls

Guard him dear Jesus

Don,t leave him alone

Care for him in heaven

As we did at home

For Pat

This is for my friend Pat
who is feeling a bit low
I just wanted to say a few words
just to let you know,
All through your times of trouble
When at times you are in despare,
I will always be here to listen
Your problems you can share,
At times when you are feeling down
there is always an answer to be found,
There are not many things that i can do
But i am always here to listen to you,
A funny joke i will tell, one or two
In the hope i bring some cheer to you,
I try to save you money
advise you what to buy,
I would even stand on my head
if it meant you would not cry,
I will wrap my arms around you
And give you such a hug,
And make you a cuppa...,
In your favourite mug,
Most times we get together
we really have a giggle,
Until i laugh so much
and have to have a piddle,
We painted your bathroom together
We really are a pair,
Then i bent down to talk to you
And got peach paint all in my hair,
If i hear of any bargains
i always let you know ,
Then off to the shop you pop
In wind or rain or snow,
I think i will end here now
I have so much more to say,
So i will wait until i see you
I will be round next Tuesday,Love Rita xx.
(c) R.Rolls

The Grandchild

I was having a bad day feeling distraught
When out of the blue good news was brought
Hello mum you had better sit down
I have news to tell you are going to be a nan

The months went by very fast
The day of the birth was here at last
When the phone rang,,,it's a boy
I was so excited and full of joy
All my troubles seem very slim
When he is in my arms and I cuddle up to him
I have to pinch my self to know its real
This little child is so ideal
I look at him and feel in awe

And cant wait for the day when I have some more
I pray to god for him to have good health
And hope he prospers and has wealth
This little child,so perfect is he
He means the whole world to me
(c) R.Rolls

Hot Flush

Another hot flush, I dont know what to do
how on earth can I keep myself cool
there must be an answer someone can send
because its driving me round the bend

I have tried all the natural herbal stuff
but as yet not walked round in the buff
I have been like this for the last three years
and it has almost brought me near to tears

sweat drips in my eyes, I can not see
phew is it hot in here......or is it me
when I go shopping I feel such a fool
where can I go to get myself cool

so i put my head in the freezer,to cool me down
its quite a good remedy,....this i have found
and at night when i go to bed it is worse
these hot sweats they are such a curse

I lay on the bed , covers on the floor
I can feel the heat in every pore
I put the fan on ..switch to full flow
what am i to do.. i just dont know

Oh and God knew what he was doing,,yes he did
when he made the woman from Adams rib
he did not design us women very well
but then God was a man....,you can tell
so i suppose we will just have to plod along
until the day the hot flush has gone

(c) R.Rolls

Getting Old

Its not much when fun when you get old
Your teeth falls out and you go bald
You can only walk with a walking stick
Oh my painful arthritic hip

My knees are stiff when i get out of the chair
I look in the mirror!! Oh where is my hair
When i was young my days were fun
but now i am old, i long for the sun

The winter months seem to last a long time
I will just have a sip from a glass of wine
I would dab on the perfume, it was the best
but now i am old i rub vick in my chest

It used to be varnish i painted on my toes
but now i got bunions that really shows
I could dance and excersize with so much ease
but now i wet myself, if i so much as sneeze

My bones crunch and crack as i try and walk
I cant get the words out when i want to talk
So getting old is no fun at all
i would much rather skip and play ball

Friends there were a plenty, i was never on my own
but now that i am old, I live in a Home


In Hospital

A nurses job is never done
Its not an awful lot of fun
In they come with their work in mind
and wish they could leave it all behind

The moans and groans...they never stop
They are always kept ..on the hop
Give a bed pan here,,change that drip
I now have a brand new hip

Eve is in the bed opposite me
she has had double replacement knees
Josie in the corner has been feeling a bit sick
She has had double replacement hip

Pat is up and about using her sticks
she walks up and down ,she takes short trips
Val is at the moment feeling a bit glum
she is complaining of having a sore bum

We all went round the wards for a walk one night
The sister said it gave her a fright
We struggled along with our new knees and hip
The sister said we look like the witches of Eastwick

We got to know one another really quite well
We all had a joke or a story to tell
People complain about the NHS
you cant fault the nurses because they are the best


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Four Little Girls

Four little girls ,they went out to play
It was a bright warm summers day
There was Pattie Joannie Holly and Rita
four little girls that could not be sweeter

Skipping and running and larking about
when all of a sudden they heard Holly shout
she screamed and screamed ,we held our ears
Poor Holly was crying ,she was full of tears

I was climbing high up in that tree
and all of a sudden i got stung by a bee
Joannie said! stop your sniveling for goodness sake
Holly what a lot of fuss you do make

Pattie said shh she is in real pain
Rita said yeah but she is always the same
when ever we come out here to play
she always manages to spoil our day

Holly was feeling glum and sad
she was begining to feel really bad
i dont know why you are moaning at me
It was not my fault i got stung by a bee

they started to make there way back home
Holly lagged behind,moan moan moan
when out of the blue a fairy came by
she said Holly is that you i heard cry

she said i am fairy healer of the land
and waved her wand over Holly,s hand
Pattie Joannie and Rita had a look
the fairy took them all to fairies Nook

Holly she smiled once again.
thrilled to bits with her new friend
All the fairies made a fuss of them
welcomed them into their fairy Den

They all played together, full of glee
all because Holly got stung by a bee

(c) R.Rolls

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