Friday, 23 May 2008

Fairy Queen

It was a very cold and windy day
here in the forest,in the land of FAE
The leaves were swirling all around
The wind nearly lifted me off the ground
All the fairies were getting really afraid
Its all blown away, the things they made
We all huddled together,wondering what we should do
The fairy queen flew in and said i have come to visit you

We were all so delighted to see her here today
and hope she can magic this bad weather away
The fairy queen looked all around,the damage she could see
So Belle put the kettle on , to make a cup of tea
The fairy queen flew off high up in the air
to sprinkle round the magic dust here and everywhere
It all went quiet,the wind stopped,its all gone away
So now we have to tidy up ,in our land of FAE

We all set about our chores,each and every one
Its not so bad now,its its quite a lot of fun
The fairy queen said i must leave you now,i have other places to go
All you fairies were lucky,some places have got snow
We all sarted to dance and we gave a little cheer
The fairy queen said byeeeeeeeee, i will see you all next year