Wednesday, 2 July 2008

In Hospital

A nurses job is never done
Its not an awful lot of fun
In they come with their work in mind
and wish they could leave it all behind

The moans and groans...they never stop
They are always kept ..on the hop
Give a bed pan here,,change that drip
I now have a brand new hip

Eve is in the bed opposite me
she has had double replacement knees
Josie in the corner has been feeling a bit sick
She has had double replacement hip

Pat is up and about using her sticks
she walks up and down ,she takes short trips
Val is at the moment feeling a bit glum
she is complaining of having a sore bum

We all went round the wards for a walk one night
The sister said it gave her a fright
We struggled along with our new knees and hip
The sister said we look like the witches of Eastwick

We got to know one another really quite well
We all had a joke or a story to tell
People complain about the NHS
you cant fault the nurses because they are the best