Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hot Flush

Another hot flush, I dont know what to do
how on earth can I keep myself cool
there must be an answer someone can send
because its driving me round the bend

I have tried all the natural herbal stuff
but as yet not walked round in the buff
I have been like this for the last three years
and it has almost brought me near to tears

sweat drips in my eyes, I can not see
phew is it hot in here......or is it me
when I go shopping I feel such a fool
where can I go to get myself cool

so i put my head in the freezer,to cool me down
its quite a good remedy,....this i have found
and at night when i go to bed it is worse
these hot sweats they are such a curse

I lay on the bed , covers on the floor
I can feel the heat in every pore
I put the fan on ..switch to full flow
what am i to do.. i just dont know

Oh and God knew what he was doing,,yes he did
when he made the woman from Adams rib
he did not design us women very well
but then God was a man....,you can tell
so i suppose we will just have to plod along
until the day the hot flush has gone

(c) R.Rolls