Friday, 23 May 2008

Fairies In My Garden

There are fairies in my garden,i see them every day
they awake from their sleep,and then they start to play
the giggles and the laughter,you can clearly hear
as i walk towards them...but dont get to near

and if you listen carefully,you can hear them sing,
they gather round a circle,to make their fairy ring
these magical little creatures,they really are a dream
there is one in a puddle,making herself nice and clean

as a child i often wondered how would i feel
if i ever did see a fairy,in the flesh for real
their little wings they flutter,oh they look so sweet
this is a magical moment it really is a treat

I am in awe as i see them,at their daily play
I will sit here and watch them until they go away
so next time you are in your garden,be careful where you tread
you might come across a fairy,laying in her bed
(c) R. Rolls


Pattie said...

Beautiful Rita you done a lovely job on this blog layout....and the poetry is wonderful,i,m sure people are going to love to read.