Monday, 16 June 2008

The Lonely Elf

There..There..There..the poor little Elf
Sitting all alone, left on the shelf

toys were all a plenty, but not any more
As i gaze round the room,and see the empty floor

with computers and play stations taking my place
So i sit here and look on, with a glum face

A remote control car i see going by
I am so sad now....oh i want to cry

The children no longer play with me
I am not exciting enough you see

I used to be in the play room, with all the other toys
and i was hugged daily by all the girls and boys

I miss my daily hug , i no longer have a cuddle
I dont know what happened , for me to be in this muddle

I know the times are changing,i have been put to one side
and hope you dont mind listening while i confide

Oh we were all so happy in our daily play
but very sad it is to say that its all gone away

so i suppose i will carry on sitting here all by myself
but why did it have to be me...left sitting on the shelf

but wait...Rita has come in , looking all around
and a smile came on her face, with the little Elf she found

oh this is wonderful, i wont be left alone
she put me in her pocket, and is going to take me home

The Elf

(c) R.Rolls


Holly said...

hi Rita

luv your blog and there is an award waiting for you at my blog...enjoy!


Pattie said...

Hi Rita
Come on over and pickup your award from my blog lol
Hugs Pat